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Get video and audio flash chat room hosting for your website for only $29 a month!
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We offer cheap, affordable 123 flash chat hosting based on the TopCMM software.

We bought the unlimited pro version from TopCMM and installed it on our own top quality dedicated web server which we can offer 123 flash chat hosting.

We have been growing in popularity and more and more people are hosting their flash video chat rooms with us because we offer the cheapest price you can find online for 123 flash chat hosting, we are reliable, secure, and offer 24/7 support. We can get your chat room up and running for you quicker than anyone else and offer fast support.

Other 123 flash chat hosting companies are not on the US, they don’t know proper English, and do not respond to support tickets or emails fast enough or they take days, and weeks to respond. Not here. We are fast and offer online email and telephone support 24/7 and we speak English and Spanish. No where else will you find hosting for just $29 dollars a month with the same amount of support.

Other flash chat hosting companies have many prices for you, they will ask for a ridiculous amount of money to host your chat rooms and they will ask for even more money to enable features like “video and audio” and have you pay more to enable modules. Not with us! Our price is always the same! Just $29 dollars a month and you will have video, audio, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited users who can connect to your chat rooms, and all the chat modules for are included! We don’t charge you for a penny more.

We hope you choose 123 flash chat hosting from us next time you need 123 flash chat software for your website. What are you waiting for? Buy now!


Need a website for your chat rooms?

We can create a one page website where people can access your chat rooms from your site. All you got to do is ask us! We will gladly make you a one page website for FREE for your 123 flash chat rooms hosted with us.

Want to see what we mean? Check out one of our clients: visit sample site click here!


All Features Included When you host with us:

  • Anti-DDos Pro
  • Powerful Java Chat Server
  • Social Connect
  • Social Sign-on
  • 123 Flash Chat Linking
  • Sharing
  • Facebook Chat
  • Tweet Chat
  • Virtual Currency
  • Credits Service
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Credits Payment
  • Membership Upgrades
  • Earn Credits
  • Video/Audio Chat
  • Flexible Video Dock
  • Cool Video Effects
  • All-in-one Toolbar
  • Minimizable Video
  • Separate Video/Audio
  • Public Video Chat
  • Private Video Chat
  • Video Mode Per Room
  • Video Conference
  • Hand Raising
  • HTML Client
  • Mobile Chat Apps
  • Android App
  • iPhone/iPad App
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Powerful Administration
  • HTML5 Administration
  • Keyword Search
  • Server Monitor Panel
  • Clear all Users’ Screen
  • Customizable Logo
  • Customizable Skin
  • Custom Room Logo
  • Upload/Webcam Avatar
  • User Group Permissions
  • Load Avatars
  • Load Profile
  • Chat Statistics
  • Moderated Chat Room
  • Invisible Admin
  • Chat Event Module
  • Google/Media/Banner Ads
  • YouTube/Media Player (Not available)
  • Hide Userlist by Default
  • Avatar Size
  • Username Color Change
  • Manage Rooms
  • Password-protected Room
  • Multilingual Support
  • Manage Filter Words
  • Announcement
  • User IP Detection
  • 123 Flash Chat History
  • Private Chat Request Control
  • Block Private Video
  • Mute Without Notice
  • User Registration Control
  • Smaller Chat Window
  • Branding-free
  • Billing Integration
  • Monitor Chat
  • 123 Flash Chat Integration
  • CMS Post Notifier
  • Integration/Single Sign-on
  • Facebook Chat Bar
  • Cross Devices
  • iPad Chat Client
  • iPhone Chat Client
  • HTML Client
  • Avatar Chat Module
  • Pocket PC and Banner Client
  • Lite Chat Client
  • HTML Room List
  • General Chat Features
  • IP Ban Range
  • Chat Plugins
  • Simple Layout
  • Public and Private Chat
  • Private Chat Windows
  • PM Personal Setting
  • Foldable Userlist
  • Friend List
  • Ignore List
  • Easy-Changing Skins
  • User Avatar
  • 123 Flash Chat Smiley
  • Better User Interface
  • Advanced Search
  • Multiple Rooms Chat
  • Flexible Layout
  • YouTube Video (Not available)
  • Image Transfer
  • File Transfer
  • Handwriting
  • Play Flash Games (Not available)
  • Whiteboard
  • Background Selection
  • Predefined Messages
  • Saving Message History
  • User Option
  • User Profile
  • Trigger Profile
  • Chat Shortcut Menu
  • New Message Alert
  • Sign-in/Register Panel
  • Changing Nickname
  • Right-to-Left Input
  • Share to SNS
  • IM Friends Invitation
  • 123 Flash Chat Misc
  • Windows Live Spaces Plugin
  • Desktop Chat Client
  • AI Robot
  • Firefox Add-on
  • Facebook Application

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Awesome chat software
Mike R

I really love using the 123 flash chat rooms software on my site. Thank you.